5/29/2021 2 years ago

Hello World

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Hello reader!

Thank you for coming here. Your attention is very important, and I hope you are rewarded according to your expectations.

In this first post, I want to explain you why I have made this website/blog.


The main reason is to show the world my professional profile. Since I'm a web developer, nothing better than being on the web so that others get to know your work.

Speaking about that, let me tell you a little bit about how this site was made. I work with Vue.js in the front-end of my projects. So, I wanted to use this tool to make my site. But it wouldn't be practical to build it only using vue. That's when I met Vuepress. With this tool I can write pages on markdown, using vue templates. Vuepress transforms these markdown files into HTML files, with its respective JS and CSS. It even helps me with something else, I can host it on github pages, which allows for static files to be deployed. That is, there is no code written by me running on the backend. I'm not saying that this is always the best option but, it being easy as it is, it is worth it.

So, this website by itself is portfolio. Beyond that, I'll share here too jobs that I've done in the past, decisions I've made and why I chose to do a certain way. If something I made is open source, I'll leave the link to the repo as well. Then, you can take a look at how things work under the hood.

But I still have other goals with this website...

I want to record useful information, mainly for me. I.e., since I already have a blog structure, why not using it for building my own knowledge base? This way I also try to give back to the community that helped me so much with useful information.

Another thing I want to do is: share my opinion. Then, I can review it from time to time, so that I see what have changed in my perspective, or if I understand I was right, and my opinion was confirmed. Those "opinions" come, most of the time, from conversations I had with friends about technology, the development field, or something related to this, that I feel is worth to be shared.

I believe that when we know how to discuss matters in a healthy way, everybody wins. So, don't expect to find here absolute truths. Feel free to question and disagree. Feel free to share your opinion and to give suggestion. Feel free.

Thank you for staying so far. See you in the next one. Bye!